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Recent Events

  • Discussant, "Panoptical Views on Politics: Minimal Secularism" by Professor Cécile Laborde, Professor of political theory, University of Oxford. Asia Society India Centre, September 2, 2021.

  • Panel moderator, "Hindutva Propaganda and the Digital Ecosystem," Dismantling Global Hindutva: Multidisciplinary Perspectives conference, September 12, 2021. View the panel here.

  • Book discussion: The Gita for a Global World: Ethical Action in an Age of FluxA conversation with Audrey Truschke, Associate Professor of South Asian History, Rutgers University. Scroll Live, Auugust 19, 2021. View the conversation here.

  • Conversation with Neeta Aneja on The Gita for a Global World, Trends International, June 26, 2021. View the conversation here.

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